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3 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Posted on February 6, 2018 at 5:15 PM

Old direct mail marketing methods are no longer as effective as they used to be. In fact, using them can cost you a fortune reducing your overall profit. However, the latest methods of direct mail marketing are advantageous and easy to use. They are primarily about creativity and a direct approach for you to get an ROI on a long-term basis.

Why use a direct mail marketing campaign?

Tailored for a particular audience, a direct mail marketing campaign produces a promising result. The personalized information of the customer gets collected over time so as to convert prospective customers into regular ones. Compared to other business marketing materials, multiple forms of direct mail marketing are versatile and cost-effective. You can go for catalogues, magazines, brochures, or postcard methods in your approach.

Let's discuss 3 important tips that can help u get amazing results in a direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Focus on the Benefits to Your Customer

You don't have to overwhelm customers by bragging about your product and brand. Pay attention to the offer and include every detail about it in a comprehensive manner. Focus on providing more benefit to your customer instead of talking about your company.
While developing content, pay close attention to what kind of photography, graphics and details you need to integrate. Once the content is properly defined, you can begin the designing process. Clearly explain your expectations to the designer(s).

2. Try a Different Approach – Go Digital

Previous methods included sending hard copy mailers in the form of post cards and envelopes to customers. However, most of the time, they would be ignored and resulted in nothing more than high expenses. Currently, digital mail marketing methods have been adopted which have a much lower budget and get better responses.

3. Try to Get Feedback

Your follow up method is another important strategy in your email marketing campaign. Try to make things more personal by reaching out to people by phone. In fact, you can use sales letters and personalized postcards as a follow up option. You should not forget that you can get high quality leads through a strong follow-up.

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What You Should Not Forget

By planning a direct marketing campaign, you should follow the rules of digital marketing. A strong call to action incentivizes the prospect to pay attention to the product and services. It is also helpful in converting prospects into customers. Besides, both good content design and a relevant mailing list have an important role to play in your success. Make sure that the information you provide is easily understood and useful. Instead of using big words and genius concepts, give a very basic and easy to follow design to your email so your efforts result in more profit.

Business Card Marketing Ideas

Posted on October 4, 2015 at 5:50 AM

Business cards can be effective and also dependable branding as well as advertising devices. With appropriate implementation, they can help increase your sales and obtain brand-new clients. By creating business cards that increase your service or products' marketability, you're giving your business a lot more possibilities than you could imagine.

Discover how you can make one of the most from your cards by having a look at the adhering to these business card advertising and marketing suggestions:

Business Card Advertising Ideas Every Marketing professional Need to Know 

1. The Discount coupon card

Make your calling card function double time as order promos to offer people more incentive to communicate with you and your business in the future. As an example, tell them to offer the card to obtain a discount, or print a promo code on the cards that they could make use of when purchasing online.

2. The Reference card 

Print business cards particularly for recommendations. Include a statement like "You have received this card considering that your close friend assumes you may deem my products/services valuable. If you intend to talk, call my number or reach me through email." You could also merely utilize the back of your business card for this idea if you would certainly like to have simply one layout to stress over.

3. The Bilingual card

This business card advertising concept is best made use of if you are taking a trip to a non-English speaking nation. Supply a foreign translation of the information on your calling card for easier networking. A multilingual calling card can also leave an excellent impression on your foreign customers due to the fact that it will certainly reveal that you place initiative in interacting with them much better.

4. The Conversational card 

Include a memorable declaration or a straightforward, informal intro of yourself on your business cards. This way, your cards will conveniently stand out as well as function as a discussion starter. 


5. The Creatively Fresh card

An imaginative card will most definitely leave an influence on individuals you hand them to, making it less complicated for them to keep in mind you. Do not think twice to think out of the box when conceptualizing for your following business card layout. Usage bright shades and stunning font; explore various card forms. Keep in mind that you could still preserve your reliability even if you choose one-of-a-kind cards from basic and also typical ones. Imagination could go a long way, particularly in your advertising.

Got other business card advertising ideas in mind? Don't hesitate to discuss them with our viewers in the comment section below.

Exactly what is Die Cutting?

Posted on September 29, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Die cutting is a manufacturing process used to create great deals of the very same shape from a product such as wood, plastic, steel, or fabric. The die cut shapes are often called "blanks," because they are generally completed as well as embellished before being marketed. The procedure is commonly utilized on a selection of products all over the globe, as well as numerous manufactured items consist of a number of die cut components, typically assembled with each other in a collection of actions to create a finished item.


Sharp specifically designed cutters are made use of in die cutting. The blade is bent into the desired form and placed to a solid support. The result is referred to as a die. The product being reduced is positioned on a flat area with an encouraging support, and the die is pressed into the material to suffice. Depending upon what is being made, a single die may cut one item of product, or it might be made to slice with multiple layers, generating a pile of blanks.


Numerous customers locate it handy to think about a cookie cutter when considering die cutting. The cookie cutter is a sort of die which can cutting out a possibly limitless quantity of blanks. Each blank will certainly be specifically the very same shape and size, suggesting that the blanks can be cooked evenly together as well as decorated at will for individuality. The alternative is cutting out each cookie by hand, a painstaking procedure which would result in uneven final products.


Developing the die is a meticulous job. The die must be designed to ensure that it efficiently cuts the desired material with marginal waste. The majority of manufacturing plants which use pass away cutting as part of their production process have methods for recycling material left over from die cutting, however they wish to avoid excess ideally. Typically, several passes away are fitted together on one place, snuggled with each other for optimal performance. Product left over from the procedure may be melted down and reused, or reworked into various other components.


Usual examples of die cut items include tricks, paper products, and also flat plastic pieces which can be snapped with each other. Pass away cutting is limited, considering that it could only truly be made use of to produce standard items. For more dimensional forms, other manufacturing strategies such as mold and mildews need to used. Passes away can additionally range widely in dimension from cookie cutters to huge equipments created to eliminate ship components. With big dies, it is essential to note safety precautions while die cutting, as a commercial die made to slice via metal can additionally get rid of an arm or leg without difficulty.